Your House Is a System!

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 by Bill Alber

Everyone knows their body is a complex system. All the parts work together to produce a healthy, vibrant you – until they don’t! Poor health results in discomfort (physical, emotional, financial) as well as lower energy and productivity levels. A diagnoses by a doctor and a change in nutrition, medication, and/or exercise is often the first step to restore your health.

Your home is also a complex system whose parts all work together. The health and safety of a home are intertwined with home comfort and energy efficiency. Changing one of these aspects will always effect the others. For instance, sealing a home to save energy dollars will automatically improve comfort throughout the house.

But it could negatively impact health and safety by trapping moisture that causes mold. Or it may reduce the amount of air available for your heating and water heating equipment. This can result in carbon monoxide entering the house instead of going up the chimney.

Insulating a house also improves energy efficiency. But it can result in comfort problems. Why? Because now the heating system is too large so you get blasts of heat and long, cold off cycles during winter. In the summer the air conditioner doesn’t run long enough to properly dehumidify your home so it feels “clammy” inside even though the thermostat is satisfied.

Personal health is a step by step process. You don’t begin an exercise program when you’re sick! Your home should be treated the same way. Step one is to have your home diagnosed for any health and safety, comfort, or energy efficiency problems you’re experiencing. Second, work with your “Doctor” to develop a step by step plan to address health and safety items first, comfort issues second, and energy efficiency last.

And third, be sure to ask about incentives from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program. All homeowners in the state are currently eligible for up to $4000 in Rebates and 0% Financing for 7-years for any project that saves energy and improves safety.

Yes, you can have it all – a home that is healthy, safe, comfortable and efficient! Our Free Home Energy Audit is the first step.

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