Why Head South for the Winter?

Thursday, January 4th, 2018 by Bill Alber

Living in an old house during weather like this can be an uncomfortable and expensive proposition.

Escaping to the Caribbean is a tempting choice but it’s only temporary. And sitting at home bundled up in layers while the gas meter spins like a helicopter is a double indignity. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

You feel cold when your body loses heat. And you lose heat three ways. The first is conduction: you transfer heat to any cool surface you touch. This isn’t a biggie since we tend to avoid cold objects in the winter. The second is convection: you transfer heat to the cool air around you. This is a biggie especially if your home is drafty.

And third is radiation: you transfer heat directly to cold surfaces without heating the air around you. Think of the sun on a winter day. If you stand in the sunshine you feel warmer than you do in the shade. Yet the air is the same temperature in both locations. The sun’s radiant energy heats you directly.

If the walls, ceilings, and windows in your home are cold, then you become a mini-sun and “shine” your radiant energy onto these surfaces. Living comfortably in your home requires the surfaces around you to be warm so you don’t “shine” as much.

Getting a professional Energy Audit that includes blower door testing and thermal imaging is the first step towards living comfortably. A blower door test locates the major sources of drafts so a plan to seal them can be made. Thermal imaging reveals cold surface temperatures, problems with insulation, and any moisture issues.

Our Energy Audit includes a detailed plan for improving comfort while reducing energy consumption. It’s tailored to fit your budget, take advantage of the $4000 rebate NJ is offering, and be financed at 0% interest if needed. Call us today for your FREE audit! 

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