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Just because you enjoy looking at the snow outside doesn’t mean you want the inside of your home to feel like the dead of winter! With just weeks until the frigid season begins, there’s no better time to think about how air sealing and attic insulation can help improve the overall efficiency of your home, save you money, and keep you warm.

A home in wintertimeDuring the winter months, the cold air enters through the lower levels of your home, rises to the top as it warms, and then exits through your attic or chimney. This is known as the “stack effect”, the building science phenomenon related to how air flows throughout a home. Not only are you losing that warm air, your heating system is working overtime to keep the temperature regulated. No matter how much you crank that heat, if your home isn’t properly sealed and insulated, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Because air rises, the main area to focus on in your home to improve efficiency is, of course, your attic. One important thing to remember is that you’ll want to air seal before you insulate. There are so many holes and ways for air to leak in and out of your attic – from the tops of walls to wire penetrations to pull down stairs. Once the gaps and voids are filled, the area can be totally insulated.

Improving your home efficiency also does more than improve your comfort levels. It lowers your monthly energy bills as well. Also, New Jersey state residents are eligible for an annual federal tax credit of $300. As Energy Star will tell you, “Adding adequate insulation is one of the most cost-effective home improvements that you can do.”

Bill Alber and his team at Alber Service Company are the trusted professionals in South Jersey to properly identify and diagnose your home's leaks and suggest the best ways to repair them. Give them a call or contact them online to schedule a free home energy inspection. They service Sicklerville, Wenonah, Mullica Hill, Haddonfield, Clementon, Cherry Hill, and surrounding areas!

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