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Photo Album: Commercial Restaurant/Kitchen Air Conditioning System in Oaklyn, NJ

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This well established restaurant dreaded summertime. The outdoor conditions coupled with heat from the Kitchen, take out trays, and refrigerators made the indoor temperature hit 90-degrees. Not good for business!

The first step in making the restaurant comfortable was to get the existing air conditioning system cleaned and serviced so it could provide its full capacity. Second was to enlarge the duct that brings fresh air into the Kitchen range hood. Inadequate fresh air was causing the hood to draw all the air conditioning out of the building until we fixed it. Third, a 3-ton Bryant ductless air conditioner was added to cool the Kitchen area. This boosted productivity because the staff could be in the Kitchen full time without having to take breaks to cool down. And finally, a second 3-ton Bryant ductless system was added for the customer take out area so they could make their purchasing decisions without sweating!

The result was a cool, comfortable restaurant with happy employees and patrons.



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