Sealing and Insulation in New Construction

Larry Janesky from Dr. Energy Saver walks us through the process of air sealing and insulating two newly constructed condominium units. 
In new construction, you have many choices of insulation material to chose from: spray foam, rigid foam board, fiberglass, cellulose or a combination of these. 
Here a combination of fiberglass bats with blown and spray cellulose to insulate different areas in these units. 
Because fiberglass insulation doesn't stop air flow, the structure needs to be completely air sealed before the bats are installed. Special attention should be paid to windows, doors, and gaps around plumbing, wiring, lighting fixtures, and ducts. The ducts also need to be sealed before the insulation and the drywall are installed. 
The walls between the conditioned area and any unheated, un-insulated area of the house like the garage and the attic space upstairs also receive air sealing and insulation.

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