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The Problem: A sump pump stuck in a hole in the basement was allowing moisture, odors, and possibly radon gas to enter the basement. The open sump hole was a safety hazard and inaffective. It ran constantly due to poor installation. The noise made the homeowner crazy! 

The Solution: We installed a SuperSump! It is a well engineered sump system with all the parts working together. It features a sturdy liner, airtight lid, 1/3 hp cast iron pump that can discharge up to 2200 gallons per hour and a stand to keep the pump out of silt and sediment. A WaterWatch Alarm System alerts the homeowner if the pump fails before the basement floor gets wet.

Result: a more reliable sump pump, less air leakage from the sump hole, a drier basement, less radon gas and odors, and a much safer and better looking installation

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