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Blown in Cellulose Insulation Dramatically Improves Home Comfort in Hainesport, NJ

Our clients were unhappy with their home. The temperature difference between the first and second floors was dramatic - over 10 degrees warmer upstairs on a hot summer day. Their utility bills were also very high. We replaced the old, inefficient furnace, air conditioner, and water heater to lower the energy bills. The variable speed Amana heating and air conditioning system pushed more cold air to the second floor while consuming a lot less energy. But to make the dramatic improvement in comfort they sought, we also had to seal the attic and properly insulate it.

We moved the old insulation then sealed all gaps in the framing, drywall and around plumbing and electrical penetrations with spray foam. The old insulation was placed flat on the ceiling (it had been bunched up), and an additional 12-in of cellulose insulation was blown in on top.

The result was a much tighter house that didn't leak as much cool conditioned air into the attic and insulation that reduced the heat transferred from the attic into the second floor by 67%! The second floor is now just as comfortable as the first floor when it's sunny and 95-degrees outside.

This project qualified for a $4000 rebate and 0% interest financing for 7-years from NJ's Home Performance Program.

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